Author(s) Article Pages
Milan Mesaric Is the Spectre of Socialism Haunting Europe and the World Again (is Socialism the Wishfull and Real Alternative to the Neoliberal Capitalism?) 5-27
Bozidar Roca and Veselin Draskovic Contemporary Economics Dilemmas, Factors and Paradoxes 29-42
Igor Luksic On the Business Cycle and the Failure of the Welfare State (Austrian Explanation) 43-51
Drago Pupavac Logistic'S Chain Cooperative Structure - Pre-Condition for Elimination of Double Marginal Effect 53-59
Jovo Tauzovic Tauzovic General Continuum (TGC) – Modern (Systems) Methodology of Management 61-75
Slobodan Lakic and Aleksandar Zivkovic Validity of Quantitative Models in Financial Industryin the Context of the Financial Crisis 77-91
Bozidar Roca The Importance of the Existing Paradigms on the Basic Principles of Sales 93-97
Vujica Lazovic and Tamara Djurickovic Economic Analysis of the E-government Development in Montenegro 99-106
Dragan Lajovic Regional Development in Montenegro – Entrepreneurial Aspect 107-112
Vladimir Ponomarenko, Ludmila Dorokhova and Oleksandr Dorokhov Brending as the Tool for Realization of Marketing Strategies 113-120
Mimo Draskovic Contemporary Tendencies in the Development of Sea Ports 121-143
Milica Radovic Contemporary Tendencies in the Development of Sea Ports 145-154
Boris Volovikov Formation of the Concept of Strategic Developmentof Productive Enterprises 155-160
Goran Vuletic The Project Management Specifics in Construction Works 161-171
Mimo Draskovic and Aleksandra Martinovic The Accession to European Union and the Concept of "Montenegro as a Free Zone 173-184
Branislav Brcanski Problem of Investments and Implementations Profitsin Emerging Markets 185-191
Nikola Milovic The Expanded Europe and Montenegro - Economic Changes and Risks 193-201
Zarko Bozovic and Jovan Djuraskovic Human Recource – a Decisive Development Factor for the Tourism in Montenegro 203-207
Saša Vujosevic Security of the Web Sites of the Montenegrin Banks 209-216
Biljana Rondovic Suppositions for Development of E-Business in the Montenegro 217-222
Dijana Kovacevic E-Business and Change Management Process 223-228
Deniz Ahmetagic and Tibor Fazekas Some Determinants of Innovation Success 229-235
Lidia Kochurova The Business Market - Abnormal Form of the Market 237-242
Tanja Jankovic New Trends in Education of Human Resources in Companies 243-246