Author(s) Article Pages
Pavel Luksha Niche construction: Revision of Models of Interaction Between the Firm and the Environment 7-34
Ljubomir Madzar A Constitution as a Landmark of Modern History 35-55
Evgenij Popov Theory of Evolution in the Mini-Economics Institutions 57-73
Veselin Draskovic and Radislav Jovovic Globalization in Economics Context 75-88
Sanja Bauk and Natasa Kovac The Comparative Analysis of Two Neural Networks Models in the Function of the Linear Ship’s Route Costs Minimization 89-97
Nikola Fabris and Maja Jandric Public Works: Theoretical Assumptions and Possibilities of Their Organisation in Montenegro 99-112
Vesna Karadzic Complete Systems of Demand Equations 113-125
Christos Ladias and Eleni Stamatiou The Macro Region as an Economic Entity and of Regional Planning 127-137
Bagrat Yerznkyan Specificity of "Contractual" Relations of Government and Business in Russian Fuel and Energy Sector 139-150
Svetlana Rakocevic Game Theory-Base for Economic Behaviour 161-171
Milenko Popovic Old and New Theories of Economic Growth (II Part) 173-190
Milijana Novovic Investment Portfolio Immuniyation of Life Insurance Companies 191-199
Mimo Daskovic An Integrated Role of Information in the Marketing Logistics of the Transportation Systems 201-211
Tatjana Ivanovic Psychological Access to Advertisement 213-226